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June 28, 2005

Ed Kersten
Vice President of Operations
Energy Control Equipment
316 Locust Street
Watsonville, CA 95076

Dear Ed,

On behalf of the Couch Distributing Company, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with the outstanding results following the installation of Energy Control Equipment's Frigiteks.

In just two months, we’ve doubled the energy savings that was projected. That savings equates to a 25% decrease in our utility bill. Now that’s talking.

I have to admit, I approached this whole Frigitek idea with skepticism. ‘Spending money to save money’ has always made me leery. After having the utility company check out your survey results, however, I thought there was likely something to be gained.

Not only have we realized energy savings, but also, with the reduction in cycles and heat, we expect the life of our compressors to be extended. And with the fans running on low speed, our employees don’t have to shout over the fan noise and they have an easier time hearing approaching forklifts.

I was also impressed with how easy our electrician found the installation process. I really expected there would be complications and I was somewhat concerned about installation costs, when all was said and done. I was pleasantly surprised on both points.

Keep up the good work and don’t hesitate to use Couch as an ongoing reference account, especially with other beer distributors.

Warm regards,

Marty Corley
Facilities Manager
Couch Distributing Company

September 19, 2002

Energy Control Equipment, Inc.
316 Locust Street
Watsonville, CA 95076

Attention: Mr. John Kernkamp and Mr. Ed Kersten

Re: THANK YOU for your September 12th presentation on Frigitek!

Dear John and Ed,

Thank you for appearing at our RSES chapter meeting! Your presentation on the remarkable Frigitek energy saving device was educational and impressive. You have found a way to not only save energy, but to improve performance of many walk-in refrigerators and freezers. You showed us that the heat load of typical evaporator fans is significant, and by reducing it, not only can energy be saved, but the compressor duty cycle can be reduced, and the reduced air speed can improve the environment for certain exposed perishables.

The technical aspects of variable frequency motor drives versus the silicon controlled rectifier that the Frigitek device uses are a little beyond the normal purview and understanding of refrigeration technicians. Apparently you have found a reliable way to reduce energy consumption of blower motors without creating more heat at the Frigitek device by making intelligent use of the SCR in a way that may not be applicable on other electrical devices. Congratulations on your ingenuity and inventiveness!

We in the Mt. Diablo RSES chapter appreciate Energy Control Equipment, Inc. making this program possible for us, and wish to thank all of you for your part in helping us to continue our efforts in promoting....Better Service Through Knowledge!

Yours truly,

Robert S. Nelson, CMS

cc: Chapter President, Mr. Chris Carlson w/brochures
   Refrigeration Service Engineers Society

May 7, 2002

Energy Control Equipment, Inc.
Ed Kersten
P.O. Box 3520
Freedom, CA 95019

Dear Mr. Kersten,

We the staff at Second Harvest Food Bank, were very pleased and impressed with the trail results from your Frigitek Evaporator Fan Controller installed in our cooler for only four weeks.

The 38.7% reduction in electric usage in our large food cooler was even greater than expected. With 2 coolers and a freezer all over 5,000 cubic feet, we are naturally exited about this level of cost savings on utilities. And of course, it is important to note that we did not experience any problems with our equipment after installation of the fan controllers.

We appreciate your prompt and courteous service and attention to detail. Since cost savings is imperative to our non-profit organization, our Board of Directors is very impressed and happy with this opportunity to drastically reduce our utility costs.

Thank you Ed, for presenting The Food Bank with a great way to cut costs with a device that we could afford. We would recommend this product to all businesses and non-profits that could benefit from reduced energy consumption.


Fay Bolick
Assistant Executive Director
   Second Harvest Food Bank

June 7, 2001

Energy Control Equipment, Inc.
P.O. Box 3520
Freedom, CA 95019

Dear Mr. Ed Kersten,

Thank you for approaching our business with your energy control system. The 30-day trail meter hooked to our cooler gave me an opportunity to see the benefits prior to actually purchasing the system. The testing you provided was very through and scientifically based. We appreciate your professionalism and your timing due to the energy crunch. At this time any conservation and moneys saved is obviously a benefit. But tests are tests and scientific proof does not always equal savings. So we ordered three of your units in all and tired them in real world conditions. We are happy to report that we are saving money because of your energy savings units. Our tempters in our coolers have been maintaining perfectly with one of our concerns being maintaining a consistent tempter. Being in the produce business our product life span is determines by the constant cool tempters. The units have performed beyond our expectations.

Thank you again Mr. Kersten for approaching us with your facts about your units. All the research you have done in an attempt to save your customers money. We feel your Energy control equipment will be the protocol of the future, as an energy saving device. In these times saving energy is not only saving money it is saving resources and environment. If your units some how could be incorporated into all new systems and retool all existing existents the energy savings for us all would be staggering. We applaud your efforts as to make money by saving your clients money, this must be a reward all in it self.

There is a way now to save gas in automobiles by changing the speed limits to 55mph this is a fact and has been scientifically proven. Your energy saving equipment had proven in fact science and real world conditions to save us money.

Where is our government?

We invite you to contact your legislator or state Senators to come up with a program for all refrigeration coolers and fan systems. The savings would benefit the whole state of California. Thank you for your efforts they are greatly appreciated.


Randy J. Moreno
President Farm Fresh Produce
Farm Fresh Produce

July 16, 2001

Energy Control Equipment, Inc
Ed Kersten
316 Locust Street
Watsonville, CA 95076

Dear Ed Kersten,

Thank you for arranging the test of the Frigitek Evaporator Fan Controller installed in our Beverage Cooler. We were very impressed and pleased with the results. You provided a great way to cut costs with a device that we can afford. We would recommend this product to all businesses that would benefit from reduced energy consumption.

There was a 27% savings in electric usage, which even greater than we expected. We are excited about this level of savings on our utility expenses, especially in today’s economic climate. We were also pleases to say that the unit has operated without any problems and that the installation went smoothly with no problems to our existing equipment.

Your prompt and courteous service and attention to detail were also very important to our satisfaction with the controller unit. Since cost savings is very important in our business we are impressed and happy to dramatically reduce our utility costs.


Jamal Matar
Quik Stop Market #63

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